Original Research Articles

2020 -

    1. [PDF]. Chung EP, Cotter JD, Prakapenka AV, Cook RL, DiPerna DM, Sirianni RW*. Targeting Small Molecule Delivery to the Brain and Spinal Cord via Intranasal Administration of Rabies Virus Glycoprotein (RVG29)-Modified PLGA Nanoparticles. Pharmaceutics. 12(2):93

​2019 -

  1. [PDF]. Householder KT, Wechsler-Reya RJ, Sandberg DI, Sirianni RW*. Evaluating the fate of nanoparticles of nanoparticles within the central nervous system following intrathecal administration. Scientific Reports. 12587(2019). (Published online Aug 29th, PMID pending)

  2. [PDF]. Medina DX, Chung EP, Teague C, Bowser RP, Sirianni RW*. (2019) Adapalene-loaded, lipid and polyester blended nanoparticles for activation of retinoid signaling in the central nervous system. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology. 52:927-933

  3.  [PDF]. Sandberg DI*, Yu B, Patel R, Hagan J, Miesner E, Sabin J, Smith S, Fletcher S, Shah MN, Sirianni RW, Taylor MD. (2019) Infusion of 5-Azacytidine (5-AZA) into the fourth ventricle or resection cavity in children with recurrent posterior fossa ependymoma: a pilot clinical trial. Journal of Neuro-Oncology. 141(2):449-457

2018 -

  1.  [PDF]. Householder KT, DiPerna D, Sirianni RW*. (2018) pH driven precipitation of quisinostat onto PLA-PEG nanoparticles enables treatment of intracranial glioblastoma. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 166:37-44

  2. [PDF]. Moutal A, Villa L, Yeon S, Householder KT, Park KD, Sirianni RW, Khanna R*. (2018) CRMP2 phosphorylation drives glioblastoma cell proliferation. Molecular Neurobiology. 55(5):4403-4416

  3. [PDF]. Prakapenka AV, Hiroi R, Quihuis AM, Carson C, Patel S, Berns-Leone C, Fox C, Sirianni RW, Bimonte-Nelson HA*. (2018) Contrasting effects of individual versus combined estrogen and progestogen regimens as working memory load increases in middle-aged ovariectomized rats: one plus one does not equal two. Neurobiol Aging. 64:1-14

  4. [PDF]. Diperna DM, Prakapenka AV, Chung EP, Sirianni RW*. (2018) Non-enzymatic tissue homogenization for biodistribution analysis. Methods in Molecular Biology 1831:191-199

  5. [PDF]. REVIEW. Heffernan JM, Sirianni RW*. (2018) Modeling microenvironmental regulation of glioblastoma stem cells: a biomaterials perspective. Frontiers in Materials. 5(7)

2017 -

  1. [PDF]. Heffernan JM, McNamara JB, Borwege S, Vernon BL, Sanai N, Mehta S, Sirianni RW*. (2017) PNIPAAm-co-Jeffamine (PNJ) scaffolds as in vitro models for niche enrichment of glioblastoma stem-like cells. Biomaterials 143:149-158

  2. [PDF]. Medina DX, Householder KT, Ceton R, Kovalik T, Heffernan J, Shankar RV, Bowser RP, Wechsler-Reya RJ, Sirianni RW*. (2017) Optical barcoding of PLGA for multispectral analysis of nanoparticle fate in vivo. Journal of Controlled Release 10;253:171-182 PMID: 28263836

  3. [PDF]. REVIEW. Prakapenka AV, Bimonte-Nelson HA, Sirianni RW*. Engineering poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) micro- and nano-carriers for controlled delivery of 17β-estradiol. Annals of Biomedical Engineering 45(7):1697-1709

2016 -

  1. [PDF]. Addington CP, Dharmawaj J, Heffernan JM, Sirianni RW, Stabenfeldt SE*. (2016) Hyaluronic acid-laminin hydrogels increase neural stem cell transplant retention and migratory response to SDF-1alpha. Matrix Biology 60-61:206-216 PMID: 27645115

  2. [PDF]. Kobes JE, Daryaei I, Howison CM, Bontrager JG, Sirianni RW, Meuillet EJ, Pagel MD*. (2016) Improved treatment of pancreatic cancer with drug delivery nanoparticles loaded with a novel AKT/PDK1 inhibitor. Pancreas 45(8):1158-66 PMID: 26918875

  3. [PDF]. Navaeis A, Truong D, Heffernan JM, Cutts J, Brafman D, Sirianni RW, Vernon BL, Nikkhah M*. (2016) PNIPAAm-based biohybrid injectable hydrogel for cardiac tissue engineering. Acta Biomaterialia 1(32):10-23 PMID: 26689467

  4. [PDF]. Dutta D, Salifu M, Sirianni RW*, Stabenfeldt SE*. (2016) Tailoring sub-micron PLGA release profiles via centrifugal fractionating. Journal of Biomaterials Research: Part A. 104(3): 688-696. PMID: 26517011

  5. [PDF]. Heffernan JM, Overstreet DJ, Srinivasan S, Le LD, Vernon BL*, Sirianni RW*. (2016) Temperature responsive hydrogels enable transient three-dimensional tumor cultures via rapid cell recovery. Journal of Biomaterials Research: Part A 104(1):17-25.  PMID: 26123863

2015 - 

  1. [PDF]. Cook RL, Householder KT, Chung EP, Prakapenka AV, DiPerna DM, Sirianni RW*. (2015) A critical evaluation of drug delivery from ligand modified nanoparticles: confounding small molecule distribution and efficacy in the central nervous system. Journal of Controlled Release 220(Pt A):89-97. PMID: 26471392

  2. [PDF]. Addington CP, Heffernan JM, Millar-Haskell CS, Sirianni RW, Stabenfeldt SE*. (2015) Enhancing neural stem cell response to SDF-1a gradients through hyaluronic acid-laminin hydrogels. Biomaterials 72:11-9. PMID: 26340314

  3. [PDF]. Householder KT, DiPerna D, Chung EP, Wohlleb G, Dhruv H, Berens M, Sirianni RW*. (2015) Intravenous delivery of camptothecin-loaded PLGA nanoparticles for the treatment of intracranial glioma. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 479(2):374-380. PMID: 25562639

2014 - 

  1. [PDF]. Heffernan JM, Overstreet DJ, Le LD, Vernon BL, Sirianni RW*. (2014) Bioengineered hydrogels for 3D analysis of glioblastoma invasion and proliferation. Annals of Biomedical Engineering 43(8):1965-77. PMID: 25515315

  2. [PDF]. Sirianni RW, Zheng MQ, Patel TR, Schafbauer T, Zhou JB, Saltzman WM, Carson RE, Huang YY*. (2014) Radiolabeling of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)  (PLGA) nanoparticles with biotinylated F-18 prosthetic groups and imaging of their delivery to the brain with positron emission tomography. Bioconjugate Chemistry. 25(12):2157-65. PMID: 25322194

  3. [PDF]. REVIEW. McCall RL, Cacaccio J, Wrabel E, Schwartz ME, Coleman TP, Sirianni RW*. (2014) Pathogen-inspired drug delivery to the central nervous system. Tissue Barriers. 2:4, e944449-14

2013 - 

  1. [PDF]. McCall RL, Sirianni RW*. (2013) PLGA nanoparticles formed by single- or double-emulsion with vitamin E-TPGS. Journal of Visualized Experiments. (82):51015. PMID: 24429733

  2. [PDF]. Zhou JB, Patel TR, Sirianni RW, Strohbehn G, Zheng MQ, Duong N, Schafbauer T, Huttner AJ, Huang Y, Carson RE, Zhang Y, Sullivan DJ, Piepmeier J, Saltzman WM*. (2013) Highly-penetrative, drug-loaded nanocarriers improve treatment of glioblastoma. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 110(29): 11751-6. PMID: 23818631

  3. [PDF]. Sirianni RW, Zheng MQ, Saltzman WM, Huang Y, Carson RE*. (2013) Direct, quantitative, and noninvasive imaging of the transport of active agents through intact brain with positron emission tomography. Molecular Imaging and Biology. 15(5):596-605. PMID: 23624949

Pre 2013 -

  1. [PDF]. Sirianni RW, Olausson P, Chiu A, Taylor JR, Saltzman WM*. (2010) The behavioral and biochemical effects of BDNF containing polymers implanted in the hippocampus of rats. Brain Research. 1321(C): 40-50. PMID: 20096671

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  1. [PDF, introduction]. Co-editor (Sirianni/Behkam), "Targeted Drug Delivery". Methods in Molecular Biology (Springer/Humana Press) July 2018